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“Learn and Play” competition

The goal from this competition was to create a content that will provide some benefits and entertainment for children on four main topics which is: awareness, general knowledge, sports and challenges.

It will be posted twice a week as a video, and every episode the kids will be asked to do something different like answering a question or filming a video, etc.



Over the second month of the competition we produced 8 episodes For kids between 8-16 years On four different topics that we mentioned before.

During July 2020, more than 250 children participated the competition. And 24 of them won. 14 of them are girls, and the remaining ten are boys.

Two of the eight episodes were in the awareness field, three challenges, one about sports and two general knowledge.



  1. “you are my champion”  a story provides some information for kids about corona virus. The story has in one day more than 7.2k  views and 24 shares.

  1. Stop motion film talks about the right of children with disabilities to play with others. The film has 2.3k reach and almost 861 views and 7 shares.

  1. A music workshop to relieve stress for people with disabilities, it has in one day 2k reach, almost 1k views and 9 shares.


  1. The 12th episode of “play and learn” competition, which asked 3 questions based on the story that we posted before –“you are my champion” about corona virus.



One of the goals was to let the kids know about children with disabilities rights, and to know more about corona virus. And we noticed a very good feedback from them, includes positive comments and shares. 

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