Burj Al-Luqluq

Administrative Complex & Open Spaces

Burj Al-LuqLuq

Administrative Facilities

Administrative Complex & Open Spaces

Burj Al-luqluq, a historical monument in the northeastern corner of the Old City of Jerusalem dated back to the year 945 AH / 1538 AD, is distinguished by its artistic beauty and its presence near the historic walls of Jerusalem.

Soaud House

The main core of Burj Al-Luqluq; it is the place where all programs and projects are run. It includes all the administrative offices of the center’s staff today. It has been in use since 2004, when it was purchased from the Idkeidek family with a generous donation from a virtuous Jerusalemite woman named Suad Al-Jafali Al-Husseini. The name was endowed, and it has been called “Suad’s House” ever since. It is like the house that includes a large family, which is the family of Burj Al-Luqluq Social Center Society.

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Burj Al-Luqluq Park

This garden is considered the largest garden that was built specifically to serve children in the Old City, especially during the evening hours. It was also used by the center’s kindergarten. The garden was renovated through the fund provided by the NGO Development Center in 2010. The center was forced to close it in 2017 to protect the residents due to the collapse of the wall separating the center from the garden wall, and the land confiscated by the occupation municipality which is known as “the spilled land”.

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The Southern Square of the Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society

It is the area overlooking the various neighborhoods of Jerusalem outside the city walls, including the Mount of Olives, Al-Tur, and Augusta Victoria Hospital. In the past, it was a dusty area where children used to play. 

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Burj Alluqluq Projects

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Sports Facilities

Football, basketball, Martial Arts & kids playground

Educational Facilities

Kindergarten, Ceramic Laboratory, Training Center and Computer Lab

Administrative building

Administrative building, Open Space & First aid unit
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