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Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society launches new “youth community initiatives” within Forsa project 2020

Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society signed 4 new community initiatives within the UNFPA funded Forsa Project.

The signature came at Burj Al-Laqlaq lighthouse at the center’s headquarters in the old town, in the presence of the center’s executive director Muntaser Idkidik and project coordinator Farah Abu Zant.

Sima Al-Alami and Farah Jabreen from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) participated through zoom App technology in addition to representatives from initiatives.

Initiatives beyond evaluation and personal interviews are as follows:

  • “It is our responsibility” initiative, an environmental initiative that aims to reproduce waste paper consumed in schools, institutions, and sports clubs and take advantage of its output.

  • “My Children is My Responsibility” initiative, an awareness initiative that aims to organize supportive and permanent groups on social media, which includes mothers from various backgrounds to communicate, exchange information and experiences, direct and answer their questions related to their children within the contents of sexual education, anger management, and others.

  •  “Speaking fingertips initiative”, An educational awareness initiative that aims to educate the community about the sign language of the deaf, and the most important basic signs that must be known to communicate with the deaf persons.

  •  “Our Neighborhood is the Most Beautiful in the Time of Corona” initiative, is a community initiative that aims to beautify one of the neighborhoods of the targeted Silwan village, by engaging young people and neighborhood residents in artistic works.

The signing of the community initiatives came after two evaluation sessions of the initiatives by a two-person committee, Farah Abu Zant Forsah Project Coordinator, and YPEER Coordinator Farah Jabreen.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the initiatives and groups to sign the agreement,

 Maryam Abu Ramouz from “Talking Fingers” initiative, Malik Othman from “My Children My Responsibility” initiative, Mousa Al Abbasi from “My Neighborhood in Corona Time” initiative, Raneem Al-Razem from “Our Responsibilities” initiative.

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