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Project partners & Implementing partners

Burj Luq Luq Social Centre

CISP – International Committee for the Development of Peoples

Targeted Locations:

Bab Hutta, Jerusalem Old City, East Jerusalem, Occupied Palestinian Territories

Targeted group(s):

Vulnerable communities in Jerusalem Old City: families in difficult economic conditions, social distress & exclusion, including the whole Bab Hutta population.


EUR 950000 (European Union contribution 90%)

Implementation Period:

36 months (2015-2017)

Overall Objective:

To contribute to strengthen the resilience of Palestinian East Jerusalem residents and preserve the Palestinian character of the city.

Specific Objective:

To foster social and economic empowerment of most neglected communities and vulnerable groups (children, youth, women) in the Old City of Jerusalem, enhancing provision of basic social services and facilitating employment opportunities & small scale businesses

Estimated results:

Social Empowerment: Basic services as psycho-social, schooling and literacy support, entertainment/playing for kids spaces, sport and socio-cultural activities are delivered to vulnerable children, youth and adults in the Old City.

Economic Empowerment: Job opportunities are increased for young people and their families in the Old City, through the set-up of and/or support to marketing-oriented vocational training activities and small scale businesses.

Capacity Building: Empowerment and sustainability of CBO/NS