We’re the Change & Alternative Plans Confirm: “The Change is Possible”

We’re the Change is one of the most important projects implemented by the center directly in the Old City of Jerusalem, which contributes to enhancing the resilience of Jerusalemites and preserving the Palestinian character through the socio-economic empowerment of the community’s three important and major groups; children, youth and women.

Moreover, the project enhances the provision of basic social services, specifically in the Old City of Jerusalem and its surroundings, as a part of the emergency plan which aims to maintain the continuity of the project by providing its multiple services. Through the coordination between the project’s team and the communication with the partner organization CISP, and Donors; the European Union, we were able to design an emergency plan that focuses on the continuation of the center  to provide social and economic reinforcement services in all aspects covered by the project, as well as focusing on preserving the public health of beneficiaries while adhering to safety standards.

BALL immediately continued to provide psychosocial support and counseling to the beneficiaries, either individually or collectively, through the social worker in the center who was able to find online alternatives to set up the groups and individual meetings. Ms. Rima Abdeen, the Psychosocial Counselor, said, “The communication with youth groups, in particular, has increased to become almost daily, because they need someone to listen to their problems, especially because they spend a long time at home without obtaining appropriate education or knowing how to make-use of their leisure time”.

The same applies to the remedial and educational courses provided by this project like Arabic, Hebrew, English, in addition to mathematics and computer. The remedial courses trainers converted their weekly classes and courses into weekly electronic lessons either through multimedia communication programs such as Zoom and Hangout, or through the day-to-day follow up on WhatsApp groups where they share helpful links and worksheets. 

Moreover, and as a part of our social responsibility, an electronic application was open for the registration of new beneficiary students who need extra academic support.

The center, on one hand, had to extend the closing period of the kindergarten for the sake of the children’s safety. On the other hand,  it committed to the continuation of daily communication between the kindergarten administration and teachers and the parents of the children, especially regarding the provision of educational materials that are appropriate for this young age group. Special videos were designed with the support of the Art Trainer, Raneem Razem, who was able to attract children through the making of videos that include educational methods which children can apply at home on the topics of prevention, personal hygiene and other important topics.  Later on, different educational materials will be designed within an online educational program for the children of the kindergarten. 

Furthermore, the sport challenges continue within basketball and football trainings. The trainees are very motivated and cooperative with their sports coaches because they love the competitive spirit.  The trainees take videos of their challenges and circulate them among themselves in closed WhatsApp groups.

Meanwhile, the ceramic artist, Nemer Sartawi, continues the work with the ceramic students on a daily basis. He focuses on the importance of artistic designs and linking them to reality in addition to providing the students with the suitable feedback to reach the desired results for their final projects. Moreover, the ceramic lab artist completed the Flowers of Palestine new set as a part of his new artistic collection. 

The Executive Director of Burj Al-Luqluq Social Center Society, Muntaser Edkaidek, has praised the importance of continuing the implementation of projects that directly serve the Jerusalemite citizen. He stressed that, with a little bit more effort and daily collective work, it is possible to find alternatives that depend on technology and the use of internet which lead to reaching the desired results specifically on important and fundamental issues that contribute to strengthening The steadfastness of the Jerusalemite citizen during crises through social and economic empowerment of society.

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