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“We Are the Change” workshops Various workshops for children

The psycho-social worker Rima Abdin within the activities of the European Union-funded project “We are the change” implements a workshop for children aged 6-10 years in the lighthouse of Burj al-luqluq.

The workshop is an intensive week of meetings that included content and new concepts for children that help and create different spaces to achieve several goals.

The most important goal was the ability to express feelings and self-awareness primarily in addition to concepts Accordingly, the needs of children will be determined and the action plan will be built for the next period.

A total of 30 boys and girls participated in the workshops, with daily meetings of 3 hours during the whole week. The meetings were divided into headlines containing a set of activities for each.

The beginning was with the activities of (acquaintance and ice-breaking ) during the first day, and then the activities of “my relationship with friends” on the second day, followed by the activities of “I and my dream” and “expressing feelings” on the third and fourth days, leading to passing some communication skills on the fifth and sixth day and in The last day of the workshop, the activities focused on ending the previous meetings and focusing on the benefit from them, with an evaluation of the progress of the workshop

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