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The Jerusalem lantern “Silwan” is everywhere Visit the towns and neighborhoods of the city of Jerusalem as part of the Time to Read project

In a wonderful initiative from Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society and cooperation with Al Bustan Association-Silwan and funded by the Turkish  Foundation Vakti kiraat , the Jerusalem Silwan lantern was launched everywhere to roam the streets and neighborhoods of the city of Jerusalem, spreading joy, Ramadan atmosphere and constant joy on the lips of Jerusalem children.

As an extension of the historical Jerusalem lantern, “Al Burj Lantern”, and due to the Corona pandemic and the non-lighting of the Jerusalem Lantern, the lantern of the Al-Bustan neighborhood was lit at the beginning of the holy month by igniting the Silwan Lantern, which was constructed last year as part of Ramadan activities in Jerusalem other than the historic Jerusalem lantern, as it was illuminated by organizing a Ramadan religious evening that started with religious litany And the praise of the Prophet.

After that, the idea developed to carry the lantern carrying a traveling vehicle accompanied by a religious chanter and a children’s clown, and a Palestinian storyteller to roam the streets of the Jerusalem towns from Silwan to Jabal Al-Mukaber, Wadi Al-Joz, Sheikh Jarrah, Al-Suwana and Al-Tas, Al-Issawiyah, brilliant pictures and a conclusion with Shuafat.

Despite the presence of multiple lanterns, the Jerusalem lantern of Silwan was distinguished by its Palestinian flavor and being an idea of ​​Palestinian societal institutions aimed at relieving pressure, anxiety and tension, especially with the quarantine that spread during the distress of Corona

The lantern received positive interaction and opinions from the Jerusalemite street, which appreciated the principle of spreading joy, and received the lantern with a warm welcome.

The lantern was greeted in each town by young volunteers from the scouts and clubs, who facilitated the lantern walking in the streets of their towns without creating gatherings inconsistent with the principle of prevention and quarantine.

In the speech of the program coordinator at Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society Alaa Jamjoom, he stressed that the center continues with its first idea, the historical lantern of Ramadan, stressing that the idea was launched in the tower and went towards the grove in Silwan and today it roamed all of Jerusalem, and in the coming Ramadan it will be everywhere with the flavor of Jerusalem, the people of Jerusalem and the heritage of Jerusalem And it fragrant.

He added that the director of the center, Muntasir Adkidik, was following the daily and supervised all the details with the director of the Al-Bustan Association, and cooperation was at the highest level for Jerusalem and serving Jerusalemites.

The Chairman of the Board of the Al-Bustan Association, Silwan Qutayba Odeh, also added in his speech to him in which he thanked the Palestinian community clubs and institutions that have received and facilitated the lantern walk in the villages and were a factor for the success of the activities, noting that the real success is the joy that they saw in the eyes of the people and heard them in their voices while repeating acclaim. This activity is not the first cooperation between the garden and the tower of stork, but rather comes within a series of permanent activities that combined the vision and one goal of success for the benefit of Jerusalem and its people and people, thanking Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society for its faith, permanent support, unconditional cooperation and endless gift.

In a speech by the initiative Bashar Abu Shamsiah, in which he expressed his joy at the success of the idea and its positive impact on the souls of Jerusalemites who waited for the lantern at every station with joy, love and hospitality, and that this initiative demonstrated that Palestinian institutions can come out with huge ideas that reflect on the Jerusalem street positively and fill the void that may seek destinations Another to fill it.

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