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Success and high viewers levels for competitions programs within Burj Al Watan Project “Eidak Ma Al-Burj” and “Ramadanak bil beet Ramadan”

During the Eid al-Fitr days, Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society implemented the “Your Eid with Al-Burj” competition, which continued throughout the three days of the holiday, with the support of welfare Association(Taawon).

The idea of ​​the competition revolves around presenting cultural content related to a place in the Old City so that the society’s followers would get to know this teacher and his history in Jerusalem before the episode ended with a question related to the same place and complementing his story that was told in the episode.

The episodes of the competition varied between several features within the walls, where the first episode dealt with the story of the oldest libraries of the old town, which is the Khalidiya Library, while the Yaqoubi Mosque in the Bab Al-Khalil area was the subject of the second episode. The competition was concluded with a final episode on Souq Al-Hosar, the smallest market in the Old City.

And the competition enjoyed a wide interaction throughout the three days from all over Palestine, while six winners from all the participants won prizes worth $ 50 each. Through this competition, during the Eid and during the month of Ramadan, Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society tried to combine providing pleasure and winning, and creating a cultural space that provides content that adds new knowledge to followers.

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