Staff Team – Burj Al-Luqluq Society ends its training camp in Turkey

BALL Society staff team finishes the training camp which lasted from 7/31 to 2019/8/7 in Bolu city in Turkey, which was funded by VAKT-İ KIRAAT and Burj Al-Luqluq Friends. With the participation of the Burj Al-Luqluq Head of Board Members Nasser Ghaith, Executive Manager of the society Muntaser Edkaidek Treasurer Emad Shaloudi, Board member Eyad Zatari and the project coordinator Ahmed Jaber and the trainer Ragheb Abu Snineh.

The camp started on the first of August with daily morning and evening exercises and followed on the third day a training match with the Academy of Polo under 18 years of players devoted to learn football training, and then continued exercises for three consecutive days of sports training and sports awareness with lectures from the Basem Mujahid the organizer of the trip.

Before the end of the camp, the team played a second training match against Polo team under the age of 16 years. The games were characterized by friendly play and fraternal spirit, which preceded in each training handing the Palestinian Keffiyeh and BALL flags.

The administrative delegation of the mission also visited the mayor of Bolu city where the team was camped, the director of the society met with the mayor Murat Zuluoglu, who in turn welcomed the Jerusalemite delegation and briefed them on the work of the municipality.

In addition, Muntasr Edkaidek delivered a thanks speech to the Mayor and stressed that the BALL benefited greatly from the current camp organized in the city, and that the management of the society will work to strengthen and strengthen the relationship between Bolu city and BALL society in order to benefit the people of Jerusalem.

BALL delegation ended its tour in Istanbul with a special visit to VAKT-İ KIRAAT. Burj Al-Luqluq Head of Board Members Nasser Ghaith met with the administrative officials of VAKT-İ KIRAAT, and they discussed the current activities and projects being implemented by the society and build a plan to organize a new training camp for the first team.

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