The families heed the call of Jerusalem Daily football Games on Burj Al-Luqluq facilities

After the unjust decision by the Israeli Minister of Internal Security to stop the Jerusalem Family tournament and not to allow the tournament matches to be played on all the stadiums in Jerusalem, the families decided to continue the family tournament in their own way, organizing daily friendly matches on BALL facilities and all the stadiums of Jerusalem by individual communication between the families and booking a playground to hold competitions in the presence of the families fans.

A fraternal football match was organized between two families, Zahdeh and Edkaidek, and the next day between Al-Salaymeh and Al-Natsheh families. Bookings by families continue on a daily basis to show their commitment to the idea and to BALL.

Nasser Al-Salaymeh said in a speech before the opening of the friendly match between Al-Salaymeh family and Al-Natsheh family that the friendly game is to strengthen the link, love and brotherhood among the Jerusalemite families, a message to show existence and support with BALL Society.

He added that the friction inside the stadium is rejected between the two families and if the player rushed to score a goal or be obstructed, it is better to give him a chance to score it, because the players health is more important than the goal and furthermore, we are one family and we represent Jerusalem since history and about the result it doesn›t matter winning and losing the game.

For his part, at the opening of the friendly match that took place between the family of Edkaidek and the Zahdeh family, Samir Zahdeh said that he insisted on organizing the game between the two families to show the message and the main idea of the tournament which is the link and love between the Jerusalemite families.

Nasser Ghaith, Burj Al-Luqluq Head of Board Members, said that BALL society opens from 7:30 am to 11:00 pm for people, and they can book the stadiums and facilities according to the times that suit them and benefit from them since it designed and constructed to serve them.

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