Souna Al-Hayat Team & Burj Al-Luqluq Organizes Qaryatuna Marathon for the Third Year

Souna Al-Hayat team organized in partnership with Burj Al-Luqluq Social Center Society, within Burj Al-Watan Project, Qaryatuna Marathon for the third year on Friday, 5/7/2019. the initiative aims to organize a whole day in a displaced village on a monthly basis to revive the displaced villages by carrying out a number of activities inside the villages. The initiative started with a tour in Souba village, with the participation of 120 young Palestinian university students in two races of 4 km and 8 kg.


The activities continued after the end of the race in a guided tour with the guide Abu Jamal in Sataf village and musical paragraph with Jihad Sabah.

The coordinator, Safa Afghani, said that the initiative, which serves the Palestinian cause, aims to identify and revitalize our Palestinian history and to carry out educational activities and stories reminiscent of the current generation in the most prominent events in Palestine, to revive the identity that attempts to blur by the occupation, and pay attention to the importance of reminding groups in the names of Arab villages.

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