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Sports exchange day between Al-Muwazfeen Club/Al-Burj and Jabal Al-zayton Club

 Burj Al-Watan project, funded by the Arab Fund through welfare association, carries out a sporting day that brought together Al-Muwazfeen Club/Al-Burj  with Jabal Al-zayton Club

The sports day included two friendly games for the age groups, born in 2003 and 2004-2005, the first match ended in a 2-2 positive draw, led by Captain Ragheb Abu Sunainah from Al-Muwazfeen Club/Al-Burj and Captain Abdo Abu Jumaa for  Jabal Al-Zaytoun team.

As for the second match, which ended with the victory of Al-Muwazfeen Club/Al-Burj 3-0, led by Captain Alaa Abu Jamjoum from Al-Muwazfeen Club/Al-Burj, over its counterpart Captain Abdo Jumaa from Jabal Al-Zaitoun Club.

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