Play and learn Various video competitions and courses for the Jerusalemite sports clubs

 Burj Al-Luqluq social center Society has been able to follow its activities closely, especially with regard to the relationship with eight different Jerusalemites base sports clubs, by continuing to provide human, educational, and also sporting services within the activities of the Play and Learn Project.

The month of April despite the social commitment in the city to stay in homes and not go out except in cases of necessity, by converting the helm of various services to the world of the World Wide Web through electronic competitions using the various social media of the association and educational rights videos to address children and administrative courses for partner club crews using the Zoom application.

Club coaches were able to organize the electronic competition by focusing on the movements and sports skills of football and basketball by photographing videos that included exercises to encourage children to implement them at home, photographing, and re-sending them. The competition received wide participation from children.

On the educational side of the sport, club coaches filmed 8 series videos of sports training in “football and basketball” and circulated them to the children participating with the eight clubs, namely Al-Ansar Club, Al-Bustan Silwan Association, the Spherical Academic Capital Club, Dalasal Club, Jabal Al-Mukaber Club, Jabal Al-Mukaber Basic School Al-Issawiya Club, Social Youth Center – Shuafat Camp) and this also applies to “distance education”, where the academic staff of the project photographed educational videos for the Arabic language, English language and mathematics where each teacher out of 15 teachers photographed 8 videos For sequential hydrates.

In the educational aspect, various educational videos were filmed to address the children to educate them and educate them about the Corona pandemic and how to preserve their safety and health without losing sight of the category of children with disabilities, so the association photographed sports training videos that are appropriate to their situation through the trainer specialized in training children with disabilities Moataz Abu Dayh.

Finally, at the end of April, an administrative course was implemented to support coordinators of clubs in the project for a period of two days, to enable the clubs in terms of administration and finance, and to build the administrative capacity to enable them to apply and benefit from the projects in the best possible way to serve our children.

The project coordinator, Alaa Ghorab, expressed the importance of the project, as it is a means of emptying and enabling educational and awareness for children, especially in the difficult circumstances the country is going through and finally stressed the importance of continuing this project even with the difficult times we are going through, especially as it is a source of income for about 47 people between trained administrative staff and teachers from clubs The partner.

The UNICEF-funded play and learn project managed to reduce the psychological pressure of children in light of the current crisis through sports, and to strengthen the relationship with partner clubs, and to strengthen it specifically in working side by side under the emergency

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