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Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society honors the Jerusalem Cigarette Company for helping to rid chairs of people with disabilities To establish the first basketball team for people with disabilities in Jerusalem

A team from Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society represented by the executive director of the center Muntaser Idkedek and Nihad Zughair, the center’s sports activity coordinator and coordinator of the play and learn project, Alaa Ghurab visited the Jerusalem Cigarette Company to give thanks, appreciation and honor to the company and its general manager and workers.

Al-Burj team was received with a warm welcome by Mr. Abdul Latif, deputy director of the company, and Mr. Jamal Adila the general manager.

Adkedik praised the role of the company and its staff in supporting everything connect to Jerusalem, whether morally, financially or logistically, stressing the importance of communication and cooperation between the private sector and local community institutions.

11 sports chairs for persons with disabilities were purchased from Britain from the RGK factory within the UNICEF-funded “Play and Learn” project, to form and establish the first basketball team for people with disabilities in Jerusalem.

The staff of the Jerusalem Cigarette Company assisted Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society in Customs clearance of chairs and their arrival to the land of the Assembly in the Old City of Jerusalem.

On a different level, Play and Learn project team visited some schools and institutions that work in the service of children of determination to coordinate and cooperate with them, intending to make a successful start to the first basketball team of children with determination. Sports basketball training on chairs is expected to start early next month.

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