Burj Alluqluq and cooperation of the Coordination Committee and partner institutions with UNICEF to face the current crisis

The Play and Learn project, which provides sports support to more than 500 children from eight different Jerusalem base clubs, is taking place in light of the current crisis, after a meeting that included the Burj Al-Luqluq Society and representatives of Jerusalem sports clubs, the facilities of partner clubs with the assistance of the Jerusalem gathering cluster to confront the Corona, has been followed by the Director of the Foundation Muntaser Edkidik: “The center, its employees, its volunteers, and everyone who supports it will not be idle, or spectators, on the epidemic that was created from the city. Rather, we will try to recruit our knowledge and our protective methods to protect people.”

The project did not stop there. After the center’s initiative to sterilise club facilities, these clubs were provided with the necessary cleaning supplies and compensation to prevent and limit the spread of this virus.

The project crew also filmed an awareness video to address the children and talk about the Corona crisis and ways to prevent, this is from places on the other hand so a series of videos were filmed in home sports training that includes the warm-up process and a series of exercises that children can implement at home on physical fitness and health to harden the immunity of the body and did not Project coordinators fail to address children with disabilities through a training video on home sports for those.

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