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Bara al Sandouk Youth Group initiative :

As a continuation of the youth creativity in bara-sandouk youth group and under the auspices and supervision of  Burj Al-Luqluq , the group launched with the month of Ramadan many initiatives through the electronic platform especially in light of the spread of the global epidemic and the inability to move on the ground was the most important talent competition, which was activated On the Instagram site for social communication and the “Tips to the Community” initiative, which urges people to cooperate in Ramadan and adhere to homes by posting these tips through the group’s platform on Facebook and presenting many youth ideas to the local community and through The coming days will be the launch of an electronic interactive evening is planned to work on during the current period after receiving many life workouts weekly with coach Nasser Abu Rumaila.

Abu Rumaila stressed the importance of those initiatives that aim to create a conscious, educated youth generation that works to spread culture to all the people of the whole country

The youth undergo training courses related to life skills, communication, communication, and presentation skills, then they go deeper into scientific research and debates in addition to developing and implementing initiatives.

A great success in the first week of your Ramadan contest at the “Ramadanak Bil bet Ramadan” competition program

Great success and demand for participation in the first week of the blessed month of Ramadan in the Ramadan Competition at the House of Ramadan, a Ramadan competition within the Burj Al Watan project with a team that included Montaser Adkidik, Samer Abu Aisha, Nasser Abu Rumaila, Muhammad Dweik, Anas Rayan, Ahmed Jaber and the presenter of the competition Dr. Majd Al-Hudmi, where the team worked on setting the outline of the competition, and it was agreed that the competition will be every individual day of the holy month of Ramadan, while the direct drawing will take place on the day following the selection of the prize winner.

The team stressed the need for a video of the competition to include valuable and useful information prior to asking the question. The competition received wide resonance and great participation on the association’s page where more than 1500 members of the Palestinian community watch this competition and the questions were characterized by a specific difficulty where the participant must search for the answer note All questions are complex and consist of two parts.

The contest presenter, Dr. Majd Al-Hadami said, “These Ramadan competitions are efforts that try to activate the role of culture and spread new knowledge and information and knock on social sections of the relationship of people with their religion, culture, and society through questions and information that are broadcast in a striking way through a short video and attractive text and through the information that some may think that it is They are known to them, but they are forced to enter the search engine to make sure of their answer, and this contributes to increasing its balance of knowledge and general culture. The prizes are a catalyst for participation and the promotion of the spirit of competition and cooperation at the same time. It is worth noting that the competition includes all Palestinian segments where For posts from all over occupied Palestine. “

For his part, the director of the society, Montaser Adkidik, stressed that the program is a message to keep the people of the city to stay at home during the period of the Corona pandemic. At the same time, it is a cultural and religious awareness campaign aimed at promoting Palestinian and Islamic religious culture in the hearts of Jerusalemites during the holy month.” , we are brought up with this approach, and we will not stop. “


live Sports online:

Since the beginning of the social commitment period at home, the association contracted experts in the field of home sport for men for women, as the professional trainer Ibrahim Abu Shousha broadcast sessions on Burj Facebook page on Tuesday and Thursday at five o’clock for a period of 40 minutes and this activity continued during the holy month of Ramadan at the request of the followers.

The professional trainer, Safaa Al-Abbasi, broadcast sports sessions directly on the burj’s facebook page on Mondays and Wednesdays at five o’clock for a period of 40 minutes, where many women participated in these exercises.

Sons of the Old city Initiative:

Bab Hutta youth went to the Burj Al-Laqlaq center to provide some sterilizers and basic needs to prevent the virus, as the neighborhood’s youth emphasized an abundance of basic foodstuffs in the neighborhood, where people took care to provide all these needs and did not pay attention to providing for sterilization and prevention needs, or because they were not available in the market in abundance or for lack of Their ability to provide them. Accordingly, the neighborhood’s youth distributed several types of sterilizers, masks, and paws, and provided a simple explanation of how to use them.

Alaa Jamjoom, the coordinator of the initiative, stressed the importance of wearing masks and paws while leaving the house in order to prevent the virus from first with a view to avoiding financial violations.

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