The” community incubator ” continues its activities in light of the Corona pandemic

Under these circumstances, the activities of the community incubator project funded by the French Consulate are still in full swing, as the activities diversified to cover the groups it targets, youth, women, and children.

The meetings of the creative thinking youth group “Kahraman”, which includes 25 young men and women from the Jerusalemite youth, did not stop under the umbrella of the “Kahraman Youth Group”. The group should carry out the practical side of the exercises effectively through social media. For more, visit the Kahraman Youth Group Facebook page.


As for the arts, the artist Raneem Razem produced various videos of handcraft that can be implemented at home and was published on social media for children, “How to make a Ramadan lantern, how to make dolls , and intelligent games to use children’s time with fun art activities.

And for those with a professional orientation, the community incubator did not lose sight of the focus on the cooking profession through a program presented on the association’s “Delicious Dishes” page with the talented young Jerusalemite Walaa Abu Ta’a, where Walaa gives instructions on a healthy food recipe in easy and simple ways.

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