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Scout projects models competition

Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society, in cooperation with the Education Directorate in Jerusalem, distributed prizes for the Scout Project Models competition.


And to which several male and female students, counselors and female guides were presented, as the distribution of prizes for the female guides category was as follows:

The first place is Nada Atallah from Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Secondary School. 

The second place is Ayah Al-Faqih and Doaa Al-Faqih from  Sharafat Girls Secondary School, and the third place is Lubna Al-Tahan from the Al-Fatath  Basic School.

For the Scouting category, the first place was Osama Abulawi from Omar bin Abdulaziz Elementary School, and the second place was Qusay Subeih from the New Generation Boys ’Basic School. Prizes were distributed at Burj Al-Luqluq headquarters in Bab Hatta in the presence of Mrs. Raeda Areikat, head of the department Activities, Mrs. Lama Abu Saud, Supervisor of Scouts and Guides, and Mr. Mutasim Al Ansari, Supervisor of Scouts and Guides.

This activity is supported by friends in the Genk Yetnek initiative to develop youth talents. 

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