Yalla Ala Al-Balad

The project aims to revive the Old City of Jerusalem by encouraging internal tourism. The project works on activating the commercial movement in the Old City’s restaurants and shops, through organized touristic tours to the markets of Jerusalem. The Interconnection Project adopted “Yalla Ala Al-Balad” as a promotional name for the project, which targets youth groups, institutions and associations in the occupied Palestinian territories with the aim of organizing touristic tours.

The project is funded by the UNDP and the Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce.

Partners Donors
Directorate of Education – Jerusalem

Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs

Jerusalem Governorate

Pal Vision Organization

Ma’an Center for Community Development

Al-Saraya Center for Community Work

African Community Association

Union of Charitable Societies – Jerusalem

The Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association

Sharek Youth Forum

International Foundation for the Development of Peoples – CISP

Terres Des Hommes

The Arab Center for Agricultural Development

Faisal Husseini Foundation

Early Childhood Resource Center

Tamer Institute for Community Education

Youth Development Department

Save the Children Foundation

Al-Maqdisi Foundation for Community Development

Jerusalem Day Association – Jordan

Qudsna gathering for sports federations

Jerusalemite Clubs Association

YWCA Young Women’s Christian Association – Jerusalem

YMCA Young Men’s Christian Association – Jerusalem

Palestinian Counseling Center

Pal Sport Network and Agency

Meethaq Foundation for Human Rights

The Palestinian Academy

De La Salle Club – Jerusalem

Fasayel Club

Jerusalem Club

Hilal Al-Quds Club

Issawiya Club

Ansar Club

Jabal Al Mukaber Club

Youth Social Center – Shu’fat Camp

Al-Bustan Association – Silwan

Jabal Al Mukaber Secondary School

Juzoor for healthy and social development


Amt for Soziale Arbeit – Wiesbaden wi & you

Wadi Al-Joz Girls’ School

Dar Al-Aytam Secondary School

Al-Shabbat Al-Shamila School

Al-Shabbat Al-Muslimat School

Omar Ibn Al-Khattab School

Al-Masirah Secondary School



European Union

Burj Al-Luqluq


Turkish Viket Group

Terres Des Hommes

Islamic Development Bank



Palestine for Development Association

Suad Al-Jaffali Al-Husseini Association

Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development

‘IM Swedish Development Partner


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