Al-Burj Haya

The project aims to empower and strengthen the resilience of Jerusalemites, by facilitating the access of children, youth and women from vulnerable neighborhoods in Jerusalem and the Old City to regular social, cultural and educational activities and opportunities, especially in Burj Al-Luqluq Community Center and Society.

The project helps the beneficiaries to participate constructively in their communities by contributing to their local economic development. The project also encourages youth to improve their social and economic conditions to provide a better life for the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem. Currently, this is the only viable solution to allow the (mostly poor) Palestinian residents to continue living in Jerusalem.

The project is funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development. 

Target Group  Males Females
Football (kids) 120 120
Football (youth) 120  
Basketball (kids) 60 60
Basketball (teenage girls)   120
In the field of education:
English language (school students) 65 65
Arabic language (school students) 65 65
Hebrew (all ages) 65 65
Computer (school students) 65 65
Leadership and Civic Engagement (Youth) 65 65
Palestinian dance (dabkeh) – school students 65 65
Building the capacity of the Center’s staff 3 1
Total Direct Beneficiaries 691 691
Total Indirect Beneficiaries 3455 3455

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