Burj Al-luqluq Social Center Society opens the first initiative of the “Jerusalemite Child Initiative” project

Within the “Jerusalemite Child Initiative” project, Burj Al-Luqluq social center society has opened An Educational Classroom of various classroom resources and means and media, which helps students in various aspects of skills and knowledge that contain many modern educational activities in partnership with the Turkish Foundation “Vakti kirat”.

The opening of the Resource Room came as a result of a continuous effort of elite students from the tenth-grade students from Shabat Al-muslemat alshameleh School with the prompt assistance and supervision of two Jerusalemite educators Wafaa Al Abbasi and Rana Erekat, and a specialized training “Initiatives training” under the guidance of the youth leader Nasser Abu Rumaila.

The topics for the training given to the students varied, starting from the planning and teamwork, then the communication and communication skills training, brainstorming, team building, and finally implementing the initiative and launching it in the presence of the students ’families.

This school initiative comes under the title “Our fingerprint is continuous ” and as part of a set of initiatives implemented in 5 other schools in addition to Shabat Al-muslemat alshameleh school, and Al-Aytam  School, Omar bin Al Khattab Secondary School, Al Masirah Secondary School, Al-Shabat al muslmat School in addition to the  Banat Wadi Al Joz  School.

Burj Al-luqluq Social Center Society will implement a closing ceremony at the end of April this year, to choose the best initiative for this year from the total of initiatives. This is in addition to field trips as part of the educational and awareness program for school students, which is divided between Jerusalem tours and tours to the occupied Palestinian territories inside the Greenline within the ambassador’s guide program.

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