Burj Al-Luqluq Releases “Salloum Is Stronger Than Corona” 100 thousand views and shares within a week


Burj Al-Luqluq Releases “Salloum Is Stronger Than Corona”

100 thousand views and shares within a week


 Burj Al-Luqluq launched The Story of “Salloum Stronger than Corona” last month which was produced in cooperation with writer Noha Sobeih, under the supervision and implementation of Al-Burj’s staff, through  “Play and Learn” project funded by UNICEF.

The story speaks in a likable and close manner to children about helping a wise owl for a young child named Salloum to overcome his fear of the Coronavirus, which is what a large number of children around the world suffer, due to the nature of the conditions that their cities have been living for several months since this pandemic began, and it affected various aspects Life, including their schools and normal lives.


During the story, the writer provides some important information and instructions for children on the tongue of the owl, which would increase their ability to control their feelings and protect themselves and their surroundings from this disease and its effects.

As part of the Burj Al-luqluq plan in the near future, this story will be translated into 8 international languages ​​and published on various platforms, and transferred from being a local story to becoming a global story under Jerusalemite supervision and implementation.

The story, which was launched on Burj Al-Luqluq Facebook page, and will be printed soon, met with widespread success and resonance among the children it targeted, the children and their families interacted with it, reaching more than 28,000 views within four days.

The third electronic open day within  “Play and Learn ” project for Children also included some other interactive activities throughout that day, including the weekly Play and Learn competition, an episode of the “Min Haqqak” program for legal awareness for children, an episode with clowns Semsem and Zaatar, and finally an artistic workshop to help children expressing themselves, the third open day was crowned with success and garnered a total of 100,000 views and Share within a week.

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