Burj Al-Luqluq launches the second edition of “The Jerusalemite Youth Forum 2020” Palestinian Youth and the Sustainable Development Goals

Burj Al-Luqluq launches the second edition of

 “The Jerusalemite Youth Forum 2020”

Palestinian Youth and the Sustainable Development Goals


Jerusalem / Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society launched the activities of the Second Jerusalemite Youth Forum 2020 under the title “Palestinian Youth and the Sustainable Development Goals”.

 It is planned that discussion sessions will be distributed in public addresses over a period of three weeks, as the first youth discussion session entitled “Education and Youth in Palestine was implemented.” And they were divided into two main axes within each of them.


Facilitator Muhammad Abu Argeela started the first discussion session by introducing the goals of the forum, welcoming the distinguished youth attendance from all over the country, and thanking the partners and organizers on the other hand. The first episode, under the title of Education and Youth in Palestine, included two sub-axes, where the speaker Maha Zaghari, who holds a master’s degree from the Institute for Sustainable Development at Al-Quds University, was introduced to talk about “the importance of e-education and training in Palestine.” Then the facilitator moved to the student Waad Ghazi to talk about “the readiness of universities in The Corona Pandemic / Al-Quds University remained a model. “

And in an intervention by Dr. Iyad Lafi / representative of Al-Quds University, “I thank the participating institutions and attendees from all the governorates and institutions of the homeland. The subjects of students in particular volunteering and e-learning are very important topics, but they need ears on the part of the decision-makers, specifically that I am a teacher at the Institute. Development at Al-Quds University, I am aware of many proposals and initiatives prepared by students. I hope that networking will take place between institutions and decision-makers to make the initiatives and ideas that achieve the sustainable development goals a success.


As for the second axis of the first discussion, the youth chose the title “Volunteering in improving the quality of education.” The student Amani Abu Sneineh spoke about the topic of “The culture of volunteering among university students and linking it to education,” followed by the specialist in student activities, Professor Hussam Weshah, who spoke about “the role of youth in implementing activities. Extracurricular and initiatives for school students. “

And in the intervention of Dr. Safaa Nasser Al-Din / Al-Quds University, commenting on the axes, she said, “It is a wonderful initiative to have a youth gathering that cares about an important topic and the whole world is striving for it such as sustainable development and specifically the issue of education. Here too I thank the young women who have made the wonderful initiatives that have been presented, and We in the Coordination Council for Education in Jerusalem seek to create the educational infrastructure and we are looking for what are the needs of Jerusalem specifically in the issue of education and we are very interested in cooperating with you as a grouping and Al-Quds University to achieve the goals of sustainable development, and I want to invite young people here to present pioneering ideas to obtain scholarships Or aid through us. “


“Choosing the title of education and youth to launch the second Jerusalem Youth Forum indicates the broadening of the youth’s horizon in the city and their choice of sensitive and important topics that are an obsession for the youth in particular in Jerusalem. 

The regions emphasize that youth are the future, “said Muntasser Idkedek, Executive Director of Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society, which organizes this forum.

“The forum will complete its agenda,” said Farah Abuzant, coordinator of Forsa project. 

Weekly discussion sessions will be launched to be discussed with Palestinian youth in all of its locations.

She added, “In this edition of the Jerusalemite Youth Forum, we are pleased, in conjunction with the launch of the second Jerusalem Youth Forum 2020, to launch the best video initiative competition on achieving sustainable development goals, where the winning initiatives will get an opportunity to support them financially to help them continue implementing the initiative in the amount of 2,500-3,000 euros.

At the end of the first youth discussion session entitled “Education and Youth in Palestine”, the door was opened for the participants to comment or add. Ms. Maha Yaghmour – Ministry of Environment presented her intervention and said, “As a government agency, we lack funding, but we have the capabilities to qualify and encourage the role of youth and empower them by connecting them and removing them.” From the educational sphere and transforming it into a joint action on the ground, and transforming the education helm from academic only to active and effective learning, so that young people form pressure forces on decision-makers.

It is also worth noting that the forum is the product of cooperation and partnership with partner institutions, Sharek Youth Forum, Save the Future Youth Association, Palestinian NGOs Network PANGO, Al-Quds University, and in cooperation with Inma Association for Democracy and Capacity Development and Akka Group 5000.

 The seminars are carried out within Forsa project funded by United Nations Population Fund UNFPA.

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