Burj Al-Luqluq Launches «Hajar-Logya» Interactive 3D Exhibition for the Most Important Architectural Features in Jerusalem

Burj Al-Luqluq Social Center Society opened, on Sunday 2019/9/29 the «Architectural Documentation Technology and Preserving the Architectural Cultural Heritage in the Old City of Jerusalem Project” Exhibition in partnership with Al Nayzak at the House of Science and Technology – Al-Nayzak Foundation in Birzeit, in the presence of representatives of ministries, local and governmental institutions in addition to Palestinian artists.

The opening ceremony was attended by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture Mohammed Ayyad, Director of the Directorate of Education Ramallah Basem Erekat, Ibrahim Al Saad, Mayor of Birzeit, Director General of Administration and Finance at the Higher Council for Innovation & Excellence Ziad Tohme, Eng. Aref Husseini, Chairman of Al Nayzak, The artist Abdul Al-Jaleel Al-Razem who prepared the figures, BALL Head of Board Members, Nasser Gaith, Emad al-Shaloudi, the treasurer of BALL, and Executive Manager of BALL, Muntasir Edkeidik.

The ceremony›s curator, Ahmed Al-Budairi, started welcoming the attendees, personalities and institutions. After that, Eng. Aref Husseini, Chairman of Al Nayzak expressed his delight in partnering with BALL to accomplish this unique work in the field of technology and use it in order to preserve the cultural heritage in Jerusalem.

BALL Head of Board Members, Nasser Gaith gave a welcoming speech and thanked the staff who worked in this project, which took more than a year of effort and intensive work to reach this result.

In his speech, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture Mohammad Ayed expressed his gratitude for this serious work and explained that the project is not only cultural archaeological objects but also the aroma of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Palestine.

The exhibition consists of 3D figures of the most famous historical and archaeological sites within the Old City of Jerusalem. It gives a 3D picture of geometrical scales semi-real but miniature of the buildings themselves with a robot that explains about each model and also a corner of technological works and VR 360 booth to learn about Jerusalem and another booth to view the cultural and educational applications designed by the BALL.

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