BALL Women Basketball Team Wins a Friendly Match Over Al-Enayeh Al-Ahlyah Team

 Burj Al-Luqluq Social Center Society basketball women team participated in a sports exchange with Al-Enayeh Al-Ahlyah team in a friendly basketball match for girls born in 2002, which has held on Thursday 2019/8/22 at Al-Ahliya Stadium. The game is a part of Burj Al-Watan project implemented by BALL.

The match ended with a score of 19/31 for the team of BALL where the game was led by trainer

Haneen al-Rishq.

Executive Manager of society Muntaser Edkaidek stressed the importance of these games and

the enhancement of the role of women in sports, especially in Jerusalem, because of its positive

impact on the community.

Edkaidek congratulated the girls on winning and stressed that commitment to practice,

perseverance, and team spirit is the secret of every athletes success.

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