The Little King Takes Back his Kingdom

English screening will be held on Thursday, March 7th at 6:00 PM.
The Little King Takes Back his Kingdom
Retells the tale of Nakba and
explores themes of refugees and Right of Return. Through poetic motif,
the book delicately portrays the profound relationship between a child
and their first home.
The narrative revolves around a little boy who believes he is a king and
has a kingdom; in reality, his kingdom is just a humble house, a horse,
and other ordinary things. The Little King is content and happy until
harsh circumstances force him to leave his kingdom. With great pride
and unbroken spirit, he tells us of his love, his longing, and his intense
desire to return home. Even though he lost everything, he never loses
his hope.
Dedicated to the children of Gaza, who endured the loss of their legs
during the Marches of Return in 2018, the story begins with an
illustration of a child standing by the sea of Gaza, receiving the precious
gift of the little king’s story.
The narrative weaves together the lives of two children separated by
seventy years in time, yet united by the dream of return and an oak tree
firmly rooted into the ground, embracing a paper kite.
Written by: Nuha Sbeih
Illustrated by: Noha Gmal
Animation & Effects: [Motion]Shop (Jalal Abdallah)
Production by: Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society 2024

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