Within Jerusalem Ambassadors project Burj Al-Luqluq Center organizes the first phase of the program: Al-Murshid Al-Safir for Jerusalem school students.

This project has been implemented with the assistance from the development center of private institutions, financed by the international bank and a partnership with PalVision institution and Alsaraya center.

This program was considered as one of the best creative ideas to Burj Alluqluq staff which works on conducting pure software involving 50 students from different Jerusalem schools to be trained on historical, touristic leading skills to their colleagues in the organized tours and family tours too.

This program contains 6 main tours in which the leader-ambassador visit most historical Palestinian areas that have been occupied in 1948. In case to identify and to recognize the history of Palestine and the Palestinian novel related to different Palestinian cities and areas in order to be a well promised leader that deliver the reality of facts and confirms the historical issues.

The tour started in moving to Tiberias Saturday morning on 7-11-2015 with some participated students in social initiative in some schools. An interesting road-map has been chosen to move on due to feed up the students with qualitative geographical information. At first, they visited Altatwebat church that characterized in eight parts with historical symbols on walls, and then they went to Almajrasa path that considered as the most beautiful sea paths in Tabarey’s ocean. The students enjoyed this experiment and then they moved to have lunch on Tiberias beach.

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