Closing Ceremony of Qudsna for Sport Media & Photography Courses in Cooperation of Burj Al-Luqluq and Al-Quds University

Qudsna Gathering for Sport Unions, in cooperation of Burj AL-Luqluq and Al-Quds University ended a photography course in the participation of the Physical Education Department students under the supervision of the Instructor and Sport Editor of Al-Quds newspaper , Muneer Al-Ghoul, the Head officer of Qudsna Gathering, Omar Ghrabli ,the Treasurer, Sa’d Misk, Board Member, Yousef Fteiha, the Secretary -General, Mohammad Sbeih, Executive Manager, Wisam Al-bukhari,  and Burj Al-Luqluq Executive Manager , Muntaser Edkaidek, attended the graduation and award presenting ceremony.

After the final lecture presented by the instructor Muneer Al-Ghoul  on Jobs  performed by the media, and another lecture on the sport vision and its importance presented by the well-known photographer Mahmoud Dweik. The Head officer, Omar Ghrabli, expressed his delightment to see a new targeted group being trained under the qualified Muneer Al-Ghoul. Moreover he added that this is comfortable for our situation as we have big trust in Muneer Al-ghoul wishing to see the graduates’ contribution in sport media development in different Palestinian sport subjects. In the end, Qudsna Gathering gave the participants honoring certificates.

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