Women and Psychological Awareness


Women and Psychological Awareness:

Women Awareness Sessions:

As a part of Burj Al-Luqluq strategic plan, women programs are primary programs which are targeted in order to develop Jerusalemite families and children. The society organizes weekly and monthly meeting for mothers form Bab Hutta and the Old City of Jerusalem in order to develop them intellectually, culturally and socially, so as to develop the local community. During the year 2014, the activities of the society are the following:

  • Women Release Activity:

Burj Al-Luqluq organized an activity for women given by the specialized social worker “Farah Abu Zant”. The activity included entertaining games, training in psychological techniques and how to deal with their children at home in order to overcome difficulties with their children creating cooperation between members within the same family. The activity was conducted by 20 women, who are from the Old City of Jerusalem.

  • “How Do We Welcome the Holy Month of Ramadan?” Meeting:

Burj Al-Luqluq organized a socio-religious lecture for mothers on how to welcome the holy month of Ramadan with the lecturer Latifeh Abdul-latif. The workshop tackled a number of social and religious rituals that Jerusalemites usually do during Ramadan. In addition, it talked about how people can benefit the best and gain “Hasanat” by doing good deeds. Moreover, the lecturer encouraged being thrifty instead of being extravagant, especially when preparing Iftar tables. Mothers were very happy with the lecture and called for more similar meetings.

  • “Happiness for Mothers” Meeting:

Burj Al-Luqluq arranged a workshop “Happiness for Mothers”, for mothers in Jerusalem and the old city. Ms. Fayzeh Al-Ghoul, the facilitator, tackled many issues that concern mothers regarding that matter. She first introduced the concept of Happiness in general. Later, she explained to mothers many simple ways in which they can reach happiness on their own, such as accepting oneself, always look at the glass half full. The workshop contributed in raising awareness among mothers about positivity and how to apply it in their everyday life. They also discussed children in addition to many matters that concern raising them. At the end of the workshop, the mothers thanked the facilitator for her efforts and requested more workshops of the same kind.

  • Intensive meetings on “How to Deal with My Child”


This meeting was executed in cooperation with the facilitator Amirah Al-Safadi on how to deal with children and the problems they face while growing up. They started by checking the needs of mother and the matters they should be attentive to. The following topics would be about relieving psychological stress, sex education for children, children’s behaviors and how to deal with them, in addition to knowing the safe sources of information and knowing ones’ self.


  • “Personal Skills of Mothers” Educational Lecture:

It is a lecture that seeks to teach a woman the basic skills of dealing with herself, husband, children and the surrounding environment. This meeting will be followed by other supplementary meetings.


  • Weekly Awareness Meetings for Jerusalem Mothers “My Memories … Sweet & Bitter”:

Burj Al-Luqluq, in cooperation with the Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association, organized weekly meetings for Jerusalem mothers under the title “My memories … Sweet and bitter”. The meeting’s facilitator focused on the concept of life and what it means to every mother. The subject also included the positive and negative old memories for every person and how to deal with.


  • World AIDS Day:

This meeting was organized in the occasion of the World AIDS Day on 1st December. It aimed to aware women of the blood and sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS, and the dangerous behaviors related to it.


  • “Means of Birth Control” Lecture:

The facilitator stressed on the importance of the parents’ knowledge of the means of birth control. She also tried to spot the lights on the problems which Jerusalemite families in the old city face as a result of the limited spaces inside the Old City, in addition to having small homes in which large families live.


  • Children do not Give Birth” Campaign Supports Women.

In cooperation with Burj Al-Luqluq and partner associations, the Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association organized a campaign within the “Reduction of Gender-based Violence” project regarding violence against women. The campaign, titled “Children do not give birth” included a number of activities such as a short film regarding early marriage and its effects, a story of an early married woman who shared the problems she went through early in her marriage life, in addition to contests and prizes distribution at the end of the day.


  • A New Project & a New Hope for Jerusalemite Women in Cooperation with ACAD

In cooperation with ACAD, Burj Al-Luqluq Society organized an awareness workshop for women in Jerusalem, and others who are interested, to introduce them to the project and the goals it plans to implement over the course of three years. The project aims to enhance the rights of women, youth and neglected children in Jerusalem.


  • Psychological Support Sessions for Children:

Over 20 years of work in Jerusalem, Burj Al-Luqluq organizes psychological support sessions for children in the Old City in addition to the sports teams in the society. In 2014, the psychological awareness meetings focused on the beneficiaries from “Learn and Play” project, which is implemented by Burj Al-Luqluq and funded by Pontifical Mission in Jerusalem. The sessions included trainings on life skills and psychological support tours marked by the following activities:


  • Relief Meeting: They aim to release extra energy and stress which the society’s female beneficiaries suffer from. The sessions included movement and interactional activities which contributed in improving the psychological and social state of the beneficiaries.
  • Self-concept & self evaluation: it aims to enable children to know themselves in and organized and guided way so as to improve and develop. It also helps children to know their strength and weakness points, in addition to the external influences and future goals.
  • Stress & stress management: it aims to define the causes of stress in children’s life, how to deal with it and how it affects their lives as residents of the Old City of Jerusalem whose houses has no more than 50 meters in space.
  • Communication skills: It aims to develop the communication skills for children and making sure they practice it at school.