Tour and Iftar of Al-Murshed Al-Shab within Burj Al-Watan project

Tour and Iftar of Al-Murshed Al-Shab within Burj Al-Watan project

Within the framework of Al-Murshed Al-Shab 4, one of the programs of Burj Al-Watan project .Monthly tour for May in Jerusalem, accompanied by the guide Khalil Sabri.

The tour included the identification of so-called «Western Wall Tunnels», located along the western wall of Al-Aqsa mosque, beginning in front of Al-Buraq Wall. Where the team learn about history of Moroccan Quarter, which was demolished in 1967, And some of the main landmarks in its surroundings, such as Al-Buraq Mosque and Al-Tanqazi School.

Learn about the history of the city of Jerusalem in the different periods that passed it, especially the Mamluk and Ottoman building, which appears in the effects found in the tunnels. The team also learned about the history of the opening of these tunnels and the gift that followed it and raised dozens of Palestinian martyrs in different provinces of Palestine. After the exit from tunnels by Al-Omaryeh school, the team passed on the path of pains, and then they concluded the tour at the Iron gate, to identify Al-Wahsh Shihabi, so-called «Little Wailing».

In conclusion, members had Iftar at Burj Al-Luqluq square, accompanied by members of the Foundation›s administration, followed by cultural sections about Jerusalem city


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19 January، 2020