The conclusion of the local Palestine exhibition for science and technology

The conclusion of the local Palestine exhibition for science and technology

The Directorate of Education concluded the local Palestine Science exhibition, on the stage of Al-Quds University theater, by announcing the results of the winning and qualified projects for the next stage at the Jerusalem level.

Where this joint exhibition was held between directorates of Jerusalem schools and the Directorate of Jerusalem Suburbs schools for three consecutive days.

It included honoring the participating students in appreciation of their efforts in presenting scientific projects based followoing scientific research and also based on their pursuit of scientific knowledge.

20 projects from the Jerusalemite Directorate participated in the exhibition, which were represented in many fields, including engineering, environmental and technological.

The arbitration was conducted by a group of specialized scientific cadres from Al-Quds University, which ruled with a high degree of accuracy, impartiality and transparency, within the criteria set for that purpose.

The Vice President of Al-Quds University, Dr. Hassan Al-Dweik, the arbitration staff, administrators and supervising teachers, and a creative constellation of students participated in this day.

The results of the Directorate of Education in Jerusalem came as follows, The Rosary sisters School  got the first position, and Al-shabat secondary School for Young Women got the second position, while Samhar School got the third and fifth places and Riyad Al-Aqsa school was in the fourth place .

We blessing them all with this hope of success and For those who are not lucky, thank them for their good participation.

All thanks to Al-Quds University for its generosity and incubation for such a meaningful work. We also thank the specialized arbitration staff, each in its name, for their cooperation and interest in such work.

We also do not forget to thank everyone who facilitated and succeeded this work through coordination within the university.

And also the chief jury committee, Dr. Musa Abu Tair and Professor Yazid Badarin, and finally, thanks to the management of the Burj Al-Laqlaq Racing Association for supporting projects aimed at building young people. All appreciation to them.

In knowledge, long live nations.


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2 March، 2020