The chairman of the Islamic Youth Forum Hosted Burj Al luqluq and Al Rajaa Jerusalemite associations

The chairman of the Islamic Youth Forum Hosted Burj Al luqluq and Al Rajaa Jerusalemite associations

Jerusalem – Pal Sport Agency

The chairman of the Islamic Youth Forum Mr. Taha Ayhan and the Islamic youth forum’s team hosted in the 14th Jan 2020 the staff of Burj Al-luqluq Social Center and Al Rajaa association, in the framework of developing relations between the Jerusalemite institutions and the Islamic Youth Forum. 

In order to discuss proposed projects that can be implemented in Jerusalem  and during the cooperation with the Organization of the Islamic Conference Youth , the forum hosted the chairman of burj al luqluq social center Nasser Gaith and the executive director Montaser Edkidik and also the program coordinator ahmaed al-khayya , also the forum hosted the executive director of Al Rajaa association ahmed jaber and the program director in the association Munther Abu ramous . 

The meeting continued over the whole day of continuous work and reviewing ideas and projects that can be implemented at the level of the Islamic world and not only in Palestine with the aim of enhancing the love of Al-Aqsa Mosque in the hearts of Muslim youth and affirming the identity of the city of Jerusalem.

The meeting also focused on the work of Jerusalemite youth in preserving the Palestinian identity and how Enhancing identity through knowledge, science and action.

During the sessions the chairman of the forum Mr. Ayhan affirmed that the forum wants to work in a real way to strengthen the ties that link Palestinian youth to the forum, as well as connect the youth in the Islamic world with the forum to develop work and implement real programs that serve young people and their issues in the Islamic world.

Mr. Ayhan welcomed the delegation coming from Jerusalem and emphasize that work will continue with the Jerusalemite institutions in cooperation and coordination with the Palestinian Higher Council for Youth and Sports and by the instigation of the President of the Council Mr. Gabriel Al Rgoub.

Also, he indicating that many programs will be implemented in coordination with the higher council for youth and sports in the coming period.

The sessions continued to present ideas and projects, and also future work mechanisms and programs that could be adopted by the forum were identified in the near term, and the programs that needed to find funders, which also needed to be reformulated and organized for implementation.

The sessions concluded with clear visions of the mechanisms of work and cooperation, and the identification of programs that will be adopted and implemented in the near future.


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2 February، 2020