The Jerusalemite artist Sundos Rajabi, the representative of Palestine, achieved the fifth rank on the Arab level within the “Al-Ribat the Capital of Youth 2016” activities. The Arab Forum for the Youth Artists was organized in Tetwan under the slogan “For Creative & Cohabitant Youth.” The event took place on the 22nd of December until the 26th of the same month and it within 22-26 December 2016. There were 250 artist participants from different Arab countries.


The forum included an art exhibition, art workshops in addition to an art competition. The Palestinian delegation participated in the forum through the Higher Council for Youth & Spots which nominated Burj Al-Luqluq art trainer Sundos Rajabi to participate in the forum and represent Jerusalem.


The artist Sundos Al- Rajabi is characterized by her lively achievements that are related to the daily life in Jerusalem. She tries to convey the image of the city to the Arab and international world. She is currently preparing for a special exhibition that discusses the cultural and historical characteristics of both cities; Jerusalem and Istanbul, in cooperation with the Turkish Cultural Center in Jerusalem.

The artist Sundos expressed that she is proud of her accomplishment especially that Palestine and Jerusalem had their presence in the honouring ceremony.

Sundos thanked the Higher Council for Youth & Spots, the Head of Mission Yousef Al-Rajabi, in addition to all the employees of the HCYS, especially the Head of HCYS in the center, Mu’tasem Abu Gharbiyeh and the coordinator of Bilal Abu Ramouz who assisted her in the participation in the forum and the course.

Sundos also thanked the Moroccan residents for their hospitality and great reception, she also expressed her appreciation to Burj Al-Luqluq Social Center Society.