Lighting of Jerusalem lantern in a Part of Jerusalem Ramadan campaign

Lighting of Jerusalem lantern in a Part of Jerusalem Ramadan campaign

On Thursday, May 2019 ,9, Burj Al-Lquluq Community Society organized «Jerusalem Lantern for the Third Year» in Jerusalem as part of the Ramadan campaign organized by ten Jerusalem institutions and five youth groups. The project was supported by Bank of Palestine, Arab Islamic Bank, Watania National Insurance and Jawwal.

Where participated in the ceremony thousands of people from Jerusalem and their children holding lanterns. gatherings launched from Jerusalem historic gates in direction of Burj Al-Luqluq society, Where the first gathering was form Herod›s gate with the participation of clowns and hundreds of children in the northern areas of the city, the second group of Dung gate came from the town of Silwan, with participation of 100 children from Al Bustan neighborhood. The largest gathering of Bab Huta started with the participation of more than 3000 children, families, and participants from Al-Aqsa Mosque heading to Burj Al-Luqluq society.

All teams met on Burj al-Luqluq Society land, in the Bab Hatta neighborhood to participate in lighting ceremony, in the presence of the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Fadi Al-Heddmi and a number of official and national figures and representatives of eight Jerusalem institutions.

The ceremony is part of the «Ramadan Fe AL-Quds Gheer» campaign, which included 13 Ramadan events and events over the holy month of Ramadan, attended by more than 10,000 people. The activities were: Jerusalem tours at night, the lighting of the lantern of Ramadan, the tour of Sattaf displaced village, Story teller Hakawati Saraya Sagher, Ramadan evenings, Tour of Qaluniya village, and Final Ramadan artistic evening.


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15 January، 2020