Jerusalem Role Model

The project aims to educate male and female students about community initiatives and the different ways to implement them. It includes training in several different fields, such as initiatives, digital security, photography, and group building. At the end, it helps the students to formulate an initiative idea, implement it, and document it themselves within their schools, after giving each group an amount of money to implement their idea.


Figures and statistics:

  • Six schools (three girls’ schools, two boys’ schools and one mixed school).
  • 130 male and female students benefited from the training and implementation of the initiatives, while the number of indirect beneficiaries reached 1,000 male and female students.

Some of the project’s initiatives implemented by the students were developing infrastructure in several schools, preparing a garden for the school, creating a school library, repairing restrooms, and providing a school canteen.

The project is funded by Bayt Mal Al-Quds Agency – Morocco

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