Burj Al-Luqluq Elects the New BoD for 2023-2019

Burj Al-Luqluq Elects the New BoD for 2023-2019

Burj Al-Luqluq social Society organized its board of directors› elections for the 2023-2019 session on Saturday 2019/40/20 at 5:30 pm at the Society›s headquarters in the presence of the General association.

Attendance was 37 members from 64 members, on the elections composed of the head of the committee Hamdi Al Rajabi, undersecretary of the ministry of Jerusalem affairs, the committee›s rapporteur Yousef Qari, director of the federation of charitable association and the general authority, Dr. Essam Daghlas and in the presence of the supreme council observer.

During the meeting, the President of the Society Nasser Ghaith presented the administrative report through a film of the achievements of the society during the previous election session and then the treasurer Emad Chaloudi presented the financial report and approved by the general association and the elections commission.

Chairman of board Nasser Ghaith submitted a resignation on behalf of all the members of the BoD of the previous session and accepted from the General association and then confirmed the names of the new candidates from the rapporteur of the committee Yousef Qari, who introduced the new candidates and were approved not to run any eighth person, and then approved the new candidates, by the committee and the general association. They are:

Nasser Ghaith, Moussa Hijazi, Ziyad Zghayyar, Emad Al Shaloudi, Iyad Al Zaatari, Tasnim Tamimi and Jassim Al Jubeh.

After the meeting, the new board of directors held a meeting to distribute the positions:

Nasser Ghaith – President.

Moussa Hijazi – Secretary

Ziyad Zghayyar – Vice President

Emad Al Shaloudi – Treasurer

Iyad Al Zaatari – Social Committee

Tasnim Tamimi – Women›s Committee

Jassim Al Jubeh – Construction Projects & Maintenance Finance committee consisted of:

Emad Al Shaloudi – Treasurer as a master signature, in addition to one of the signatures of the chairman of the board Nasser Ghaith or Vice President Ziyad Zghayyar.

General association also approved the adoption the Office of Youssef Hamouda financial audit of the association for the next session 2023-2019.


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15 January، 2020