Burj Al-Laqlaq Society holds a workshop on the skills of preparing community and youth initiatives

Burj Al-Laqlaq Society holds a workshop on the skills of preparing community and youth initiatives

In the Old City of Jerusalem, the Burj Al-Laqlaq Community Center held a workshop on the skills of preparing community and youth initiatives in Jerusalem, which included the importance of the initiative, the concept of the initiative, as well as many aspects in promoting and developing the skills of the initiative, through all aspects of educational, psychological and behavioral, to develop creative thinking as a basic approach to the world of successful initiative and benefit to the community of Jerusalem, under the slogan (good, strength, tender). Funded by the Turkish Reading Time Foundation.

The workshop was organized by the Jerusalem Youth Groups Forum, which was established in 2018. It is an umbrella organization that includes many volunteer youth groups In an independent and proactive framework that accepts differences.

It targets all segments of society, promotes community participation, Through initiatives and cultural campaigns, in an attempt to intensify efforts to benefit the Palestinian society. The forum›s vision lies in a conscious and independent society capable of change and works to promote humanitarian volunteerism.

Montasser Eidkidak, Director of the Burj Al-Laqlaq Community Society, said that the workshop aimed at providing young Jerusalemites with the skills to prepare and manage initiatives that best respond to the needs of their local communities and continued their three days in tourist village of Jericho and in the presence of distinguished trainers in this field.

He emphasized the great role of the Jerusalem youth in the initiatives, as well as enhancing their role in them, pointing out that the workshop focused on giving the participants the skills of generating the initiative and managing it in a planned scientific way to achieve the desired goal, through the real motivation stemming from belonging to the community of Jerusalem. About 18 young people participated in the workshop, he said.

The young participants expressed their happiness at participating in this important workshop, which worked on the efforts of the trainers to prepare youth groups capable of instilling spirit of creativity and intellectual excellence, and to provide projects and active contributions to promote volunteer work to serve the community of Jerusalem, stressing that the training was fruitful and effective in everyday life At the professional and community levels.

The groups participating in the training thanked the Burj Al-Laqlaq Association and the Turkish Reading Foundation for their meeting.

These youth groups have been identified and coordinated under the title: We Still Do not Know, Life Makers, Al Bustan District, albab alsabee, I Tech, Ypeer, Young Guide, Saned, Youth Imprint.


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13 January، 2020