Arab Childrens Day Jerusalem Directorate of Education & BALL Organizes «Palestinian Identity» Marathon

Arab Childrens Day  Jerusalem Directorate of Education & BALL Organizes «Palestinian Identity» Marathon

The Directorate of Education – Jerusalem and the Burj Al-luluq Social Center Society held a Jerusalem Championship in the Dahiya race for males and females entitled with «Palestinian Identity», as part of the project of (Developing School Sports in Jerusalem), funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, under the supervision of Welfare Association and in partnership with the Department of Physical Education of Al Quds University.

This activity comes for the third year respectively, where 22 male schools, and 16 female schools for the basic, higher and secondary levels were participated. The total number of students reached 240 students. The marathon covered the area of Al Sawahra and Abu Dis with total length of -3kilo meter for female and -5kilo meter for male.

The results of the tournament for males were distributed into three categories, the first one for Al Omma secondary school, the second for Riyadh Al-Aqsa primary school, the third for Omar bin al-Khattab secondary school; while for the results of tournament for girls, the first one for Riyadh Al-Aqsa Mixed Elementary School, the second one for Al Shabat Al Moslemat School – Wadi al-Joz, while the third for Emlison Association. It is worth mentioning that the first 20 female participants as well as the first 20 males were also honored.

Dr. Amani Assi, Head of the Department of Physical Education at Al-Quds University talked about the importance of partnership between Al-Quds University and the Directorate of Education – Al-Quds, and the Burj Al-luluq Social Center Society.

Mrs. Raeda Erekat, the Head of Student Activities Department at the Directorate of Education – Al-Quds praised the importance of this activity, she also briefed about the plans of the Ministry of Education to promote physical health and extracurricular activities, and stressing on the importance of this activity for the third year consequently, which brings Jerusalemite students with a large number within a unified activity, noting that the tournament opens the opportunities for a number of students to participate in championships at the ministerial level.In turn, the Executive Director Muntaser Edkaidek stressed on the importance of extracurricular activities within developing school sports project, which is one of the most important projects implemented by BALL in Jerusalem, which aim to develop the performance of teachers and physical education teachers in Jerusalem schools.

Edkaidek pointed out that the special situation of Jerusalemite schools need financial and moral supports. Thus, BALL society is the foundation of this support and continuous development, which we seek through the efforts and the strategy of the society to serve the Jerusalem community and develop the skills and experiences of students in the sports field.


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21 January، 2020