Sponsored by European Union Burj Al-Luqluq and CISP Lunch Ceramic Work-Place

Sponsored by European Union Burj Al-Luqluq and CISP Lunch Ceramic Work-Place

Burj Al-luqluq social center partnered with CISP lunched a ceramic work-place for learning ceramic basis and skills. Many important characteristics attended the opening ceremony such as delegations from European Union, CISP representatives, Jerusalemite affairs , many Jerusalemite representatives from different institutions such as pontifical mission institution and Pal-Vision institution and Burj Al-luqluq Manager, staff and volunteers.

Burj Al-luqluq manager Muntaser Edkaidek welcomed the crowed confirming that the opening ceremony came along women’s day to provide a message which supports Jerusalemite women by giving them job opportunities and meeting their needs. Then, Muntaser presented Jerusalem Affairs minister Adnan Al-Husseini who expressed his pride of Burj Al-luqluq Social center development and how this association turned from regular projects into leading and educational projects which contribute in supporting managerial expenses and reinforce its steadfastness and survival in the Old City.

And then, European Union Administrator Ricardo Rossi confirmed three things; the importance of Ceramic’s art specially after the limited number of ceramic work-places in the old city. The second is that this opportunity is so beneficial to qualify Jerusalemite youth and women in the Old City and other neighbourhoods. The third is his appreciation to the partnership relationship between CISP and Burj Al-luqluq social center.

CISP manager ADA confirmed that this step is distinctive in which the ceramic workplace will start producing positive  results such as teaching Jerusalemite groups on Ceramic’s basis and skills and discovering a new future path for them.

For balancing the two objects of the event, a volunteer sang in the ceremony and Burj Al-luqluq staff presented gifts to women who attended the ceremony concerning Global women’s day.

Finally, Burj Al-luqluq Dabka’s team ‘ Al-Burj Flowers’ presented dabka’s show which attracted the crowd.


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13 April، 2016

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