Participation of Burj Youth in Istanbul Youth Forum

Youth Forum in Istanbul concluded its activities on Saturday with the participation of a group of young representing a number of Jerusalem youth groups arranged and organized VAKT-İ KIRAAT in partnership with Burj Al-Luqluq social society.


After Two days presentation of community initiatives for young Jerusalemites and the selection of the most important initiatives for implementation, the implementation of ten community-based initiatives was confirmed through the Burj Al-Luqluq social society for youth groups participating in the society›s program.


Ahmed Jaber, coordinator of projects within VAKT-İ KIRAAT, said that the project has targeted ten youth initiatives that participated in the first group training in Jericho and will continue with initiatives. During the conference, the initiatives were presented and will be implemented in the coming months.


Jaber thanked VAKT-İ KIRAAT for its role in supporting Jerusalem youth and community initiatives and hosting the youth in Istanbul for four days.


The groups concluded their last day with a tour of the city of Istanbul and Panorama Istanbul and then concluded the visit to return home on Saturday evening, 2019/9/27.

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