Burj Al-Luqluq Kindergarten:

At Burj Al-Luqluq kindergarten we adopt a strategy that comprehensively focuses on the growth and development of the child as the core of the developmental educational process

Our program aims to strengthen the whole growth of the child in sense, motion, emotion, social and cognitive areas. It plans purposefully to strike a balance between activities and assures that children acquire the basic experiences in Arabic & English languages, Math, Arts, In addition to Music and imagination. This works through fixing a couple of periods within a program which gives the child the chance to learn through playing and interacting.

The new school year at Burj Al-Luqluq started by the continuation of the partnership between Burj Al-Luqluq Society and the Italian organization Terre des Hommes. This organization has a huge impact on supporting the kindergarten of the society and its teachers with a number of services especially after the crisis the kindergarten has gone through last year. However, the unique initiative by Terre des Hommes resulted in increasing the number of children to reach 35 from the Old City and Bab Hutta, in addition to the participation of children of Al Dom tribe which resides the area.

A number of important activities were organized in the kindergarten following the occasions. For example, during pilgrimage season, children performed Hajj rituals within a day full special activities and practices. Moreover, a figure of al Kaa’ba was designed around which students moved in circles in the sight of their delighted parents. Moreover, children cooked hand-made Eid sweets with the assistance of their teachers and parents.

Students also did a number of different activities like olive pressing and pickling, in addition to the autumn activity in which they collected the yellow leaves from the field of the society and hang it on the walls of the kindergarten. On the other hand, winter activities taught children about winter clothes, heating methods and climate changes like snowfalls.

The kindergarten in the society works hard on the development of children in the Old City of Jerusalem, especially Bab Hutta residence. A number of activities are organized for kindergarten students which help in improving their abilities and capabilities to acquire the life skills in addition to the different educational skills. It also helps in increasing their level of concentration and writing ability.

In 2014, Burj Al-Luqluq society celebrated the graduation of the 15th group of kindergarten students in the presence of their parents and the society staff. The number of graduated kindergarten students that year was 20 of the Old City children. During the graduation ceremony, children performed some dances and recited Quran and Hadith. And at the end of the ceremony, children received certificates and sweets which they enjoyed with their parents.