Jerusalem Ambassadors


Jerusalem Ambassadors Project

In cooperation between three Palestinian Institutions in Jerusalem: Burj Al-Luqluq, Palvision & Al-Saraya; Jerusalem Ambassadors project was launched. It is a product of partnership with the Directorate of Education in Jerusalem and NGO Development Center NDC, which funds this project. The objective of this project is to develop and raise awareness among youth in Jerusalem. The three partner institutions work in the city of Jerusalem. They all believe in the important role of institutions, especially in developing the local community. They also take into account the necessity of involving all efforts that contribute in decreasing the difficulties their age is exposed to. The project targets 300 student between 12 and 16 and 300 of their parents as well. In the most neglected areas in Jerusalem, which are the Old city, Beit Safafa, Al-Isawiya and Jabal Al-Mukaber, the project aims to provide a new opportunity for the targeted kids. It provides a way out, not only to explore themselves and increase their participation in the developing process, but also to preserve their identities and their future. In addition, it concentrates on the importance of volunteering for a better change in the community.

The project will be implemented through 3 categories that include raising awareness socially, politically, and economically, in addition to volunteering, initiatives, vocational education training as well as developing life skills.

  • Category 1: Life Skills
  • 660 hours of life skills
  • 90 hours of raising awareness sessions
  • Category 2: Social Iniatives
  • 180 training houra on social iniatives.
  • Implement 15 social iniatives.
  • Implement 7 tours for reinforcing national identity.
  • Category 3: Guidance and Vocational Training
  • Examine the vocational preferences of 300 students.
  • Implement 20 tours to universities and vocational schools.
  • Two instructive camps.
  • 30 hours of spreading awareness for students’ parents.