Academic Tender

Community Incubator Project.. Academic Tender for Jerusalemites

Burj Al-Luqluq Society and the French Consulate General in Jerusalem continue to maintain the continuity of the “Community Incubator” project at Burj Al-Luqluq Library, in order to support the residence of Bab Hutta academically and socially. Academic lectures for the main educational subjects such as Arabic, Math and English are given through the program of the project in order to enhance the academic aspect for children from Bab Hutta, in addition to support their parents, who are in need of support, through teaching and explaining some educational materials to those children.

In addition to the academic programme, children benefited from the Library programme are trained for a number of life skills such as Dabkeh, drawing and theatre in order to keep them away from playing around the streets and to let them spend their free-time positively.

This year, around 600 Jerusalemite children benefited from the community incubator project in their Arabic, English and Math classes. In addition, more than 120 children participated in other activities like drama, drawing and Dabkeh.

Throughout the last three years, this program contributed in improving the academic level in Bab Hutta neighborhood. Classes there targeted students from primary and secondary schools by grouping them depending on their ages and educational level.

Students were able to acquire new special skills like Dabkeh as a new Dabkeh group was created in the society under the supervision of the trainer Tamam Nofal.

The drama group attended their rehearsals with high level of commitment and enthusiasm. Moreover, participants assured that drama rehearsals, in addition to the programs set by the trainer Sandra, give them the chance to break free, express themselves and get rid of anxiety.

On the other hand, the drawing group with the trainer Sundus Al Rajabi focused on assisting children at Al Nahda School “C” which lies near the society. All classes received drawing trainings in the school which supports the education of drawing skills for children.

To conclude, the community incubator project is considered one of the most essential programs by the society for its huge effect on the benefited participants and their parents. In addition, it plays a strategic role in enhancing the resistance of Palestinians living in the Old City of Jerusalem, by improving education and the cultural and academic levels.